is your web beauty only skin deep?

June Studios specializes in Web design and development for small to medium sized businesses.

Reliability and reach - the keys to success on the Web

Our Web design studio advocates and adheres to protocols set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium. We deliver highly accessible, sustainable and maintainable Web sites that are not only thoughtfully designed, but that also reliably serve information to the broadest possible range of Web access programs and devices.

The importance of standards based Web design

By utilizing standards based Web design, your intended message is delivered consistently, regardless of the reader's Web access medium. In short, no matter what the platform - PC, Mac, handheld, phone, or browser - IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. - your content is displayed professionally and reliably each and every time to each and every visitor. This careful attention to detail speaks volumes to the competency and integrity of your business.

We build a framework that makes your life easier

June Studios uses the most current technologies and standards in XHTML markup and CSS to build a solid framework for your Web site.

As part of our package, you may choose training that will teach you how to update your own content and "take it live" by uploading it to your server. With this in mind, our markup is simply written and presented with careful instruction that makes it easy for you to keep your Web site updated and fresh with your company's most current information.